Monday 29 October 2018

Performance and Application of Alternative Water Sources in Azerbaijan (MAOPS)- Lupine Publishers

Article submitted by geographic location, geological geomorphological and soil climatic characteristics of Ganja Kazakh array coordinates and kagrizs capability in order to provide the population with fresh water.n the globe has about 2.53% freshwater, most of which have to share rivers, freshwater lakes, glaciers, groundwater. Given the scarcity of fresh water in the tropical and subtropical zones, identified the relevance of the seek alternative ways of providing the population with crops and fresh water. The Republic of Azerbaijan has a great variety of water resources, their education and distribution, in the territory of which the complexity of natural conditions suffers. In flat areas, the sedimentary rocks of the Mesozoic strata the present period with a lithological composition have large resources of economic, kjagrizy, drinking and artesian waters. Underground waters, it can be said, are found everywhere in modern sediments. In the foothill areas, as a result of active water exchange, these waters are slightly deeper. Their mineralization is equal to 1 g / l; the chemical composition is calcium bicarbonate. Artesian basins with high pressure on inclined parts are found in anthropogenic, Absheron, Akchag old rocks (Ganja, Gazakh, Guba-Khachmaz, Garabagh, Shirvan, etc.), and Sarmatian deposits (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic).

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