Tuesday 9 October 2018

Orthogonal Arrays and Row-Column and Block Designs for CDC Systems: (CTBB)- Lupine publishers

In this article, block and row-column designs for genetic crosses such as Complete diallel cross system using orthogonal arrays (p2,r,p,2), where p is prime or a power of prime and semi balanced arrays (p(p-1)/2,p,p,2), where p is a prime or power of an odd prime, are derived. The block designs and row-column designs for Griffing’s methods A and B are found to be A-optimal and the block designs for Griffing’s methods C and D are found to be universally optimal in the sense of Kiefer. The derived block and row-column  designs  for  method  A  and  C  are  new  and  consume  minimum  experimental  units.  According  to  Gupta  block  designs  for Griffing’s methods A,B,C and D are orthogonally blocked designs. AMS classification: 62K05.

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