Friday 26 October 2018

Detaching: Now If the Good Goes: (SJPBS)- Lupinepublishers

The last time we talked about attachments as a powerful glue that we apply to a couple, object, idea, to name a few, and that knowing that we can separate would take us from just thinking about it to a series of curses and disappointments of our life, when never, we have never been closer to wisdom, and that word is so adulterated that it is happiness. Whenever a patient arrives at my office with an anxiety reaction and some depressive episode due to a love breakup, at the moment of knowing their history it is evident that it was a good thing to have that break, because we agree that when listen to someone talk about a relationship, one immediately knows when the protagonist can do well or badly, little by little ?, one can think “... what a nice relationship they have” or a “go on, they do it as they want”. And that’s when at the beginning of my analysis to your talk, one mentions to the patient that he lives a fortunate moment, and they turn to me to see with the most unbelieving eyes of the world world, and they tell me with a “but how do you think that? It is the worst moment of my life “, and I would like to point out that a moment of suffering is the best crystal with which we can visualize a situation, if we are resolute enough despite the moment we are living, it is to take advantage of that cold and painful wave that we It allows us to obtain that resistance that we would not do otherwise.

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