Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Compromised, Pre-Diseased or Post-Diseased Terrain, Malaria and Germ Terrain Dualism: (PRJFGS) - Lupinepublishers

The Germ-Terrain duality theory of disease states that the aetiology of certain diseases/diseased states is better explained as a complex interplay between germs and the inherent anatomical/ physiological integrity of the body cells. It argues that the aetiology of certain diseases is not fully explained merely by the presence of germs (Germ Theory) or by a mere loss of cellular integrity (Terrain Theory). As a result, the prevention and treatment of such diseases should focus not just on fighting germs but on maintaining/ restoring the anatomical/physiological cellular integrity. The Germ-Terrain duality theory is a harmonization of the current Germ Theory (popularized by Louis Pasteur) and the hitherto discarded Terrain Theory (popularized by Pierre Bechamp).

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