Monday 8 October 2018

Is the salvation of life on the planet?: (OAJESS)- Lupine publishers

Is the salvation of life on the planet?  by Khalidullin Oleg in Open Access Journal of Environmental and Soil Sciences in Lupine publishers 

Before the advent of modern industry, nature had tangible additions in the composition of atmospheric water vapor natural evaporation from transpiration of plant and natural emissions, in particular, from the respiration of creatures, animal worlds. Every living being, every plant in its secretions, at the molecular level, in its secretions creates information about itself. It is known that in the exhalation of a living being in the moisture of breathing, in any secretions, information is contained. It is proved by the fact that animals determine their victims and the opposite sex by smells. Plants allocate their personal phytoncides. Phytoncides are all volatile substances released by plants, including those that are practically impossible to collect in appreciable amounts. These phytoncides are also called “native antimicrobial substances of plants We all enjoy the smells of flowers, coniferous forests, shrubs.

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