Wednesday 31 October 2018

Understand the Insomnium: (OJNBD) - Lupine Publishers

In the international classification of sleep disorders we place insomnia as the first point, which we define as the inability to initiate, maintain or even consolidate sleep; this is best explained in the following paragraphs. When we arrived at the bed we put on our sleepwear, some pyjamas, other rompers, and the least with underwear to feel comfortable; the TV goes off, we kiss good night and turn off the light, and that’s when it starts, if man, that difficulty to fall asleep immediately, to see the roof, hear the horn of the passing truck and not be able to finish that moment of every day; and go that one despairs, we get bad and the time passes until eleven or even twelve, even more, of the night and that is when we can finally close our eyes, which I do not even tell dear reader the obviousness of the next day he is sleepy during working hours; it is what is called insomnia of onset.

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