Friday 5 October 2018

Why Should We Learn to Swim?: (SJPBS)-Lupinepublishers

Why Should We Learn to Swim? by Gabriel Miranda Nava in SJPBS in Lupinepublishers

There is an anecdote in which an intellectual was being transported in a small boat by a person of scarce academic resources, when when trying to mock this poor man he asks “young… do you know? Of mathematics? And the poor boatman answers NO, and the unfriendly scholar tells him “because he thinks you’ve lost 30% of your life, later he asks him if he knew about philosophy and when he answered with a second refusal, the scholar in question tells him that he had he lost another 30% of his life, and he maintained it until suddenly the boatman, smiling, asked him, “Sir, do you? Can you swim? The intellectual in question responds, “naturally not” and the boatman ends up telling him “well, pretend that you lost 100% of your life because the ship sinks”.

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