Monday 29 October 2018

Basic Health Series: Cancer: (OAJCAM) - Lupine Publishers

Basic Health Series: Cancer by Uqbah Iqbal in Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Lupine Publishers


This book explains cancer. The name of cancer is not only used to describe one disease, but also for all types of diseases comprising at least 200 different diseases. Many types of cancer can be cured quite easily if the initial treatment is given. More than half of existing cancer can be treated now though others are difficult to treat when in severe stages. All cancers have some of the same features. First, some cells in one part of the body begin to grow in irregular ways. The cells divide and multiply very fast. This results in the accumulation of abnormal cells called tumors. Second, abnormal cells can spread to other nearby tissues. Sometimes the cells can also spread to other parts of the body far from the original cancer cells. Third, the cells themselves have an abnormal structure. Some tumors are called benign and not cancerous. Normal mumps are benign tumors. Something that tumors will become cancerous only when the cells function abnormally. Most tumors may be triggered by a chemical or a virus called a carcinogen. This carcinogen interferes with DNA-controlled substances.

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