Tuesday 9 October 2018

Neurochemistry of Enamoramiento: (SJPBS)- Lupinepublishers

Are you from people who live stormy romances? Did you find it difficult to separate yourself from a partner when in the back you intuit that it does not do you good? Did you know that the dynamics of love could be explained by neurotransmitters? It is increasingly known the fact of the process of falling in love through the chemicals that run through the brain and allow the communication of neurons with each other and through the human body, to be able to put together a word that can explain the whole context: thought. The first phase of an infatuation has the bases in the social standards with respect to a concept, the beauty, that distances of a single form depending on the time, the social classes, the fashions and the diverse ethnic groups that live in our world; in some groups obesity can be attractive, in other groups, more western tend to thin the body, in others less like a type of makeup, in others some deformity in the body, usually female, to attract male, to feel wanted and wanted; here it is important to note the presence of substances that enhance this attraction, pheromones, which through the nostrils we can detect and which are amplified through the use of a soap or a perfume (agreeing that a perfume or lotion is it smells different between one being and another) and even many years will pass and that smell will linger in our memories.

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