Thursday 4 October 2018

Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing with Wire (TCEIA) - Lupinepublishers

Electron beam additive manufacturing with wire (EBAMW) is a novel technology which can directly fabricate 3-D near-net shape elements from metal wires. Of specific interest are the additive layer manufacturing processes with wires that are capable for producing fully dense metallic and hybrid parts in which the resulting parts may be used for loaded structure. This process is attractive because it eliminates contamination compare to powder process. Manufacturing near-net-shape elements layer-by-layer with wire as a deposit material offers a great potential for time and cost savings in comparison to conventional manufacturing technologies (such as casting, forging, etc.). The increasing market especially for aerospace industry demands for titanium, aluminum and other materials serial production parts has promoted wirefeed processes in recent years, as repeatability, material properties, material usage, possible part size, and building speed have also become issues.

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