Tuesday 30 October 2018

A Review on Nerve Conduction Studies: (SJPBS)- Lupinepublishers

Electrophysiological measurements are indispensable tool for investigating the functional integrity of peripheral nerves in both clinical and laboratory environments. Nerve conduction study is a property of both the axons and myelin sheath. The nerve conduction velocity is highly dependent on rapid signal propagation enabled by myelination. The compound motor action potential (CMAP) which correlates with the number of functional axons is an indicator for axonal damage when significantly reduced. Because nerve conduction velocity (NCV) is sensitive to both myelin sheath and axonal changes, it is an excellent measure of the function of the peripheral nervous system. Nerve conduction studies may be diagnostically helpful in patients suspected of having almost any peripheral nervous system disorder including disorders of nerve roots, peripheral nerves, muscle and neuromuscular junction. Cranial nerves and spinal cord function may also be assessed. Here, we mentioned the components and properties of nerve conduction study.

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