Wednesday 10 October 2018

Open Access Automation in Vision Testing: Glaucoma Detection Software (TOOAJ)- Lupine Publishers

Vision testing is the phenomenon of detecting the vision problems which are generally undertaken to improve prognosis and disabilities. Apart from visual acuity measurement and refractive error problems, other eye related retinal disorders include diabetic retinopathy, age related muscular degeneration and glaucoma. Retinal imaging plays an important role in the detection of these disorders. Early detection of these disorders can prevent the permanent vision loss in patients. The aim of this research work is to implement a software algorithmic program in the field of ophthalmology for the detection of glaucoma. In the present work, Glaucoma detection is done by cup to disc ratio measurement to locate the damaged optic nerve head. DRIVE database is used to acquire retinal images. Further codes are implemented using MATLAB software to get the results. This software system can be utilized everywhere, especially in school health programs in Himachal Pradesh in urban as well as rural areas where it is difficult to carry high maintenance ophthalmic machines.

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