Friday 5 October 2018

Becoming an Erudite of Nursing Profession in the 21 st Century: The Career Path: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

A career is a lifelong commitment that has the potential to be extremely rewarding and not merely a pay check. It is therefore important for anyone wishing to choose a career to carefully consider all aspects of the career. The aim of this paper is to show the career path to becoming an erudite in nursing profession in this 21st century. According to the Oxford Advanced English Dictionary, an erudite is someone who have or shows profound knowledge to have learnt or scholarly in his or her chosen field. It is a most distinguishing level or status that is earned, attained and not through any man’s generosity. This is made possible by hard work, mentoring, sacrifice, maintaining the highest standards of excellence and achievement, appropriate studying until one is approved, been extremely strong emotionally and physically in order to stand-out. However, it must be quickly resolved here, that as mortals, we are limited in certain rights. No matter how a man tries, except God puts His blessings upon Him, he may just be labouring in vain. The path to becoming an erudite in a chosen field like nursing starts from career advancement/development.

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