Thursday 25 October 2018

Detection of The Muscle Affected In Vertical Deviation Induced by A Single Muscle (TOOAJ)- Lupine Publishers

To detect the muscle affected in vertical deviation induced by a single muscle.Detection of the muscle affected in vertical deviation induced by a single muscle is made possible by means of the table formed in accordance with the principles of the Parks-Bielschowsky and Bajandas tests.Vertical deviations can come out with a result of a dysfunction of a single or multiple muscle. The detection of muscle or muscles that are affected in vertical deviations may also give clues about the nerve functions that innervate these muscles. Vertical deviations result from sufficient functions of single or multiple muscles responsible for vertical movements, which are right superior rectus (SR), left SR, right inferior rectus (IR), left IR, left superior oblique (SO), right SO right inferior oblique (IO)and left IO. The medial and lateral recti, that don’t have any vertical movement at all, don’t have any role in vertical deviations. If hypertropia is thought to result from a disfunction of a single muscle that moves vertically, then this muscle can be detected by Parks-Bielschowsky test.

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