Friday 26 October 2018

The Potential Use of SARAL ALTIKA Towards Coastal Regions - A Case Study on East Coast of India (MAOPS)- Lupine Publishers

Altimeter data provides a precise measurement of wave parameters especially over open ocean. Now, several attempts were made to retrieve wind and wave information towards coastal regions. SARAL/Altika is a first of its kind to operate at such a high frequency to provide better observation of coastal regions. The present study is especially important for the Indian coasts because most of the in-situ observations are either coastally located or at deep water. But there is no sufficient information on data available at intermediate waters, which is very important to addresses several coastal problems. In this paper, an attempt to observe retrieve and validate SARAL along track wave data at different coastal regions along the east coast of India. SARAL validation is carried out at the point closest to the buoy and at all the points along the track close to the coast. The narrow foot print size enables to get valid data as close as three km proximity to the coast. SARAL Significant wave height (SWH) estimates are well correlated with the coastal buoy measurements and improves observation of wave height estimates close to the coast. This to understand transformation of wave from deep water to shallow water. 

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