Friday 28 September 2018

Do you really know what Periodontal Disease is?: (MADOHC) - Lupine Publishers


The etiology includes the sum of evidences related to the causes of a disease. Majority of all forms of periodontal diseases, are considered as microorganisms-induced dependent. However, it is improbable that bacteria alone cause periodontal disease. The etiological concept of the inflammatory periodontal disease is an exceedingly complex interaction of bacteria and predisposing risk factors. The predisposing risk factor may be an inherent characteristic associated with an increased rate of a subsequently occurring disease, but does not necessarily cause the disease. In periodontal disease, the predisposing risk factors may be defined as local environmental factors, behavioral factors in nature and systemic factors, which may be responsible in providing an ideal environment for bacterial colonization and/or fragility in a determinate tooth or teeth and adjacent periodontal tissues and/ or interference in the inflammatory process. Local environmental factor may interfere in the fragile equilibrium of the gingival sulcus defense by favoring microbial colonization and growth or/and altering the local susceptibility of the periodontal tissues to be damaged by the bacterial onslaught.

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