Friday 28 September 2018

Lymph Node Blood Vessels: Exit Route for Systemic Dissemination of Cancer (CTBM) -Lupinepublishers

Lymph Node Blood Vessels: Exit Route for Systemic  Dissemination of Cancer (CTBM) -Lupinepublishers

There are reports about the existence of meningeal lymphatic vessels in human and nonhuman primates (mormoset monkeys) and feasibility of noninvasively imaging and mapping them in vivo with high-resolution, clinical MRI. On T2-FLAIR and T1-weighted black-blood imaging, lymphatic vessels enhance with graduator, a gadolinium-based contrast agent with high propensity to extravasate across a permeable capillary endothelial barrier, but not with gadofosveset, a blood-pool contrast agent. 

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