Friday 28 September 2018

Lasik Enhancement; Lifting the Flap Vs. Surface Ablation (TOOAJ)- Lupine Publishers

Refractive errors re-treatment after primary Lasik treatment is known as Lasik enhancement, by exclusion of the causes of residual errors after Lasik treatment of refractive errors, residual errors may even be still a nightmare for not only the patient but also the surgeon. The factors that can cause imperfect refractive outcome after initial treatment by Lasik are variable and depend on the surgeon skills, selection and preparation of the case, and machine adjustment. The surgeon skills improvement is not within the scope of this article as it needs special attention to many points like training, corneal map reading and finally the decision of doing or not. The case selection and preparation are not that far to the previous point, but the tool is different as we need to analyze the patient data on the base of age, occupation, and the number of refractive errors. Meticulous refractive test and evaluation of refractive status of the patient including manifest and cycloplegic refraction tests, best corrected visual acuity recording including pinhole test and recording the final visual outcome after treatment by Lasik, all are important considerations. Machine adjustment, calibration and regular maintenance are three important factors controlling the dose of laser delivered to the tissue therefore they control the outcome of the procedure.

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