Friday 28 September 2018

ISW for the Treatment of Adult Skeletal Class III with Facial Asymmetry: A Case Report Crowding(MADOHC) - Lupine Publishers

The objective of this case report was to discuss LH wire (Improved Super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy Wire) for the treatment of adult skeletal class III with facial asymmetry. An adult female aged 27 years 10 months who came to our clinic with a chief complaint of uneven occlusal plane and an obvious asymmetrical face. Clinical examination by functional wax bite reveals a possibility of functional interference around the right upper canine. P-A view check finds slight discrepancy between the right and the left ramus heights. Orthognathic surgery was suggested to the patient but was refused. After midline assumption, the patient was pleased with the outcome and thus orthodontic treatment was performed. After one year of active treatment, a stable occlusion was achieved, yet the asymmetrical appearance was not much improved immediately after the treatment. After a retention period of 6 months by a functional appliance to maintain the intermaxillary relationship and to adjust the musculature tension, a new balanced facial appearance was observed

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