Monday 24 September 2018

Fibre Reinforced Composites: Multiplicity of Application: (LTTFD) - Lupine Publishers

Today, at the age of developing newer materials, it is needed to relook all textile fibers and materials by introspection of it in depth the strength and weakness of different fibers to be used alone or in combination with other materials as composites. The development of newer composite materials and to find their newer application potential, are still very attractive subjects of research investigation. Among different category of composites being made, fibre reinforced composites i.e. polymer matrix composites containing fibres as further sub-category under the broad heads-(a) fibre reinforced composites having high performance fibres as reinforcing material such as glass, Kevlar, carbon and boron, etc., in an appropriate polymer matrix system, (b) fibre reinforced composites incorporating low-cost natural fibres as reinforcing materials such as jute, hemp, sisal, coir and ramie etc. in an appropriate blend using more than one fibre as reinforcing materials i.e., incorporating one high polymer resin matrix, and (c) fibre reinforced composites having high performance fibre in combination to get advantages of both in the resultant two fibres hybrid composites e.g., jute-glass fibre hybrid composites.

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