Thursday 27 September 2018

Etiological Aspects of Nonspecific Ulcerative Colitis : SCSOAJ - Lupine Publishers

The author of the article gives information about the current thinking on the cause of the development of nonspecific ulcerative colitis, with detail reflects the role of domestic factors this pathological process. Special negative role process struggles with weight, when people begin to sharply restrict themselves in eating, turning on sour milk products, exclude the fruits and vegetables. This leads to constipation. Chair happens only once every 2-3 days. To combat it has resorted to klizmam, resulting in dislocation of pathogenic flora from the anus in sigmovidnuju gut and even higher. Dies the normal flora and evolving pathogen that promotes the development of ulcerative process in colon mucosa. Genomodificirovannye products the boat’s controllability, immunity, and due to lack of adult lactose dairy products call fermentation adopted food. Gradually creates a pathological complex for the development of the disease. In the prevention of this pathological process man can only help himself.

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