Monday 24 September 2018

Reentry Program Combines Therapeutic Community, Rehabilitation, Work Release and Parole: Long Term Outcomes : (PRJFGS) - Lupinepublsihers

This innovative re-entry program combined an in-prison therapeutic community, work release, and employment and housing reentry with parole/aftercare support to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders with high levels of criminality and substance abuse. Statistically significant outcomes from a ten year period for 198 offenders showed that only 23% of those who completed the full treatment program and were released on parole were reincarcerated compared to 44% of offenders with partial treatment without parole and 69% for those “rejected from treatment” for program violations. The “partial treatment” group consisted of inmates who were released on the earliest date marking completion of sentence and before finishing the treatment program. Those “rejected from treatment” were reincarcerated at twice the rate of those with full or partial treatment (69% vs. 34%). Reduced reincarceration was significantly correlated with longer lengths of treatment. Analysis of substance abuse types showed that cocaine abusers (and heroin abusers to a lesser extent) had the poorest rates of program completion and the highest and fastest rates of reincarceration following discharge.

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