Thursday 27 September 2018

Ionic Liquid Technology: A Budding Innovative Podium for the Pharmaceutical Industry: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Ionic Liquid Technology: A Budding Innovative Podium for the Pharmaceutical Industry by Kapoor D in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal in Lupine Publishers

Ionic liquids considered to be a reasonably current magical chemical due their unique properties, have a large variety of applications in all areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The areas of application consist electrolyte in batteries, lubricants, plasticizers, solvents and catalysis in synthesis, matrices for mass spectroscopy, solvents to manufacture nano-materials, extraction, gas absorption agents, etc. Non-volatility and nonflammability are their widespread characteristics giving them a beneficial edge in a variety of applications. Ionic liquids can be considered as green solvents due to their very low vapor pressure and wide range of applications with unique physical and chemical properties. Ionic liquids use for clean and efficient energy, through the development of a broad swath of energy technologies, such as advanced batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells, double layer capacitors, actuators, fuel cells, thermo-cells, and water splitting, essentially related to highly efficient carbon capture and storage technologies and resource efficiency to date. Ionic liquids have emerged as an environmentally friendly substitute to the volatile organic solvents. Being designer solvents, they can be modulated to suit the reaction conditions, therefore earning the name “task specific ionic liquids.” They are now finding applications in various fields like catalysis, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and material science to mention a few.


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