Friday 28 September 2018

Oral Mucosal Immune Suppression, Tolerance and Silencing: A Mini-Review(MADOHC) - Lupine publishers

Oral Mucosal Immune Suppression, Tolerance and Silencing: A Mini-Review by Michael AB Naafs in MADOHC - Lupine Publishers

The oral-pharyngeal cavity is colonized by various microorganisms. In addition to microbes, food particles and external substances consumed through the oral cavity present potential challenges to the homeostasis of the oral mucosa. Hence, a mucosal membrane and inherent mucosal immune system are indispensable for the protection of the integrity of the internal environment. The mucosal immune system mounts immune response through immune cells residing in mucosal compartments. T lymphocytes residing in the mucosa play important roles in mucosal immunity and tolerance. In addition, T cell deficiency or defects in T cell function are associated with several oral mucosal diseases [1]. The mucosal immune system spans the mucosal surfaces of the oralpharyngeal cavity, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, as well as the exocrine gands [1].

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