Friday 28 September 2018

Legislation for Teeth Brushing: Don't Brush the Occlusal Surface (Biting Surface) of Molar and Premolar Teeth (MADOHC) - Lupinepublishers

Human and animals break food particles by cutting and crushing them amides of upper and lower teeth. It is clear that this mechanical action can partly cause abrasion of the occlusal surface (biting surface) of teeth. In some animals like rabbit, this abrasion is very rapid and intense because of tight food. To compensate for this wear these animals have teeth that grow continuously [1]. Although human meal usually is not so hard; but Human is not an exception of teeth abrasion during chewing food. One obvious evidence for this is absence of dental plaque on the biting surface in people who don’t brush their teeth. Although this people don’t brush, there is no dental plaque in biting surface of their teeth. They have plaque just in surfaces far from the biting area. Anyway, this abrasion by food is so slight that cannot easily cause wear of enamel of teeth; but additional abrasive agents can cause serious damage to the enamel. One of these additional abrasive agents can be the toothbrush especially in obsessive persons. Teeth brushing are a difficult and overwhelming action for children. For this reason, they usually tend to brush the easily accessible surfaces of teeth (occlusal surface); But this unconscious action can not damage the enamel of teeth in children. Because children end brushing very soon.

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