Thursday 27 September 2018

Haematological Hoax, Hokum or Hobson’s Choice? Bechamp Versus the Rest of the World!: (PRJFGS) - Lupinepublishers

Virtually everybody on this planet has had the unfortunate experience of bleeding at least once. Whether mistakenly cutting oneself while shaving, or being punched in the face, or nicking a finger while using a blade or knife- we have bled. Blood flowed from the injured body part for a while and then stopped. Why? If a bucket or bottle of water is punctured it leaks till it becomes empty. Not so with the human body. Blood clots. How does this happen? The germ theory (which denies the existence of the microzymas) and the terrain theory/germ terrain duality theory (which do not) have radically varying views about how this phenomenon occurs.Around the world today, in almost all medical schools the germ theory version of blood clotting is taught. There is a different version-one that was discovered and elucidated by Professor Antoine Pierre Bechamp over a century ago.You have probably never heard this version of blood clotting. It literally is Bechamp against the rest of the world!

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