Thursday 27 September 2018

Transition in Knitwear Design Education towards Professionalism: A Framework for Creative Knitwear Education Using Finger Knitting- Based System: (LTTFD) - Lupine Publishers

Due to the fast-growing knitwear markets and revival of knitting, knitwear design became important elements in design. Nevertheless, knitting was perceived as an inferior subject under current curriculum due to the deep traditional rooted role of it. Thanks to the passive learning cultures and unbalanced proportion of design and technology teaching modules, there was lack of systematic training of the knitwear design professions. This study thus aimed to develop an innovative finger knitting-based educational method to link the fundamental knowledge, realistic application and service setting of knitting. Historical development of knitting, how its impact on knitting education and the newly developed education method was discussed. Survey and informal interviews the effectiveness of this method was done. Students felt satisfied with the subject teaching method and found it useful to understand the principles of knitting.

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