Tuesday 25 September 2018

Sternal Cleft: Appropriate Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment: SCSOAJ - Lupine Publishers

Sternal cleft (SC) is a rare congenital anomaly of the chest wall, isolated or combined with other malformations. We try to provide an appropriate stepwise approach for the diagnosis and treatment of SC. Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis can be obtained after the 18th week of gestation. At birth, diagnosis is based on the findings of clinical examination, chest x-ray, computed tomography and additional investigations for the associated anomalies. Primary approximation of the sternal bars is preferred before the age of 3 months. For older cases and rigid chest wall, the surgical correction can be achieved using prosthetic materials, autologous grafts, or biologic implants. The surgical decision depends on the age of patient, rigidity of the chest wall, and presence of other abnormalities in the chest wall.

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